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Does a Wallet Come with that Purse-

Over the years I found myself becoming an addict to nice pocketbooks. It was like I had to have the right bag to offset the dress and accent the stilettos trust me my sister’s know what I am talking about. I really didn’t have no particular style of bag that I liked the most my thing was it just had to be nice and different. Over the years I would carry big bags, small bags, leather, suede, you name it I had it just as long as it could carry my needs for that moment. What I didn’t realize is that I put more emphasis on the external effects that the bag would have on the onlookers than I capitalized on the importance of properly compartmentalizing the things I put inside. My thing was I could hold my ID in the zipper part along with my money and change so the wallet wasn’t as important as the bag itself as long it could hold all of my mess. Until one day I found myself at the register of life and couldn’t find my CHANGE. I was in a place that wouldn’t accommodate my card and only accepted cash. As I dug through my bag I realized that the lining had ripped and the change was hidden in the seams. So I had to tear the bag from the inside in order to get the change that was needed on the outside. Then I thought whew! That was deep because how many times have we carried bags that looked like one thing on the outside but had dreary torn lining on the inside. For once I had to admit to myself that I am concealing some hidden scars internally that onlookers can’t see because my mask of having it all together has them rightfully deceived but then I thought to myself and why am I ok with that. Why I am ok with hiding my pain from you yet it’s killing me. Why am I standing at the register of life debating whether I am going to start this internal surgery to get my change or leave what I need on the conveyor belt because my pride won’t allow me to run the risk of destroying what appears to be a perfectly good bag because I need you to think that I got it all together. Suddenly the fact that the shoes matched the bag didn’t matter and whoever saw me digging deep held no weight because I knew that the change I need was in there but I wasn’t going to get it if I didn’t put in work. So I ask you how bad do you want it and are you ready to get to the CHANGE… To Be Continued….

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