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Empowering Women & Young Adults Around the World 

C.W.P. (Coaching With Purpose)


Welcome to our coaching network where we specialize in meeting our clients at the point of their needs while driving optimal results and developing "World Class" individuals. Our goal is to partner with you to capitalize on your brand while strategically helping you align your business/personal needs in order to see your goals materialize. Over the past 9 years, we have had the opportunity to work with reputable clients and our reputation & success rate continue to climb the charts year after year.  Our client base is located around the world and with the help of technology we are able to deliver our services across geographies. So email us today and let your journey begin! 

Embracing You!!!
Individual Coaching

Sometimes life can cause a person to reject their authentic self, thus resulting in a person living out an image that they were never meant to be. Our coaching services were designed to assist our clients with peeling back those unauthorized layers in their life while enabling them to embrace and awaken their true selves. So let’s take the journey together as we unlock the true essence of you. To request an appointment today, Click Here!!

Leadership Leap!!!
Leadership Coaching 

Over the years we have had the opportunity to develop and coach individuals into leadership positions ranging from small businesses, nonprofit organizations, ministries, to corporate leaders.  Our strategic techniques are tailor made for the individual and no two coaching sessions are the same. When coaching leaders we factor in the panoramic view of the leaders needs and then customize the packages accordingly. One of our key techniques is capitalizing on our clients strengthens while developing their weaknesses and strategically implementing best practices that will enable them to better serve their clients, staff etc. To request a consultation and to learn more about our leadership coaching packages, Click Here! and start being the leader that you were born to be!

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The Power is in the PLAN
Business Coaching 

Launching a business can be very exciting and we understand the importance of laying a solid foundation. Over the years we have coached successful entrepreneurs to launch businesses, nonprofit organizations, networks, and ministries. We not only guide our clients on the right entity to choose for their business however, we also coach them on marketing strategies, branding, soliciting clients, what to look for when hiring an employee and more. At FloWitMe we believe in our clients and we understand that their success is ours as well. So we strive for excellence while driving result because no job is too big or too small we are your one stop shop for all of your business coaching & development needs. To learn more about the coaching packages that we offer Click Here!

Group Coaching!
The Power of TEAM 

Group coaching is a very powerful technique that enables its participants to leverage knowledge, expertise, and strength from their peers while sharing best practices. It also helps to eliminate the you are alone or woe is me syndrome, as you explore the idea of someone else experiencing & overcoming the same things as you. We strongly believe that there is strength in numbers so we coordinate these healthy forums to enable our participants to be free, to flow, and pour out in a judgment free zone while drawing strength from the energy & wisdom of all participants. Some of our greatest moments in coaching have taken place in group platforms and these sessions are invigorating & impactful! So join one today or let us setup a group session tailor made for you and watch the magic of the group unfold before your eyes. For more info Click Here! 

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