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Don't get caught with your pants down.

Life has a beautiful way of getting our attention when we least expect it. I am reminded of a time when my comfort was too comfortable, and I was on the brink of learning just who and what my foundation was really built on. I was gracefully coasting up the corporate ladder hiding from my potential & purpose, while enjoying the bi-weekly security blanket and preaching FAITH. Until the mysteries of life were dropped on my lap and the blanket was snatched from grip as I am being told my company is shutting the current site down. Now I do not know about you but initially in my head it went like this. sssccrreeeccch yes that is the sound of the record stopping in mid song. Then it went to silence followed by a weird search for a song on the radio. Hot97 it is your girl... scrambling through ... You are tuning into smooth souuull... scrambling. You get the picture. Let us just say I eventually landed on the gospel station and begin to come to myself. I realize that immediately that I was in a spot with no savings, no plan and thirty-five plus families that reported into me that was about to affected. Immediately I had to "get my life" meaning get focus and but first things first. I acknowledge that it was God who put me in this position and the same God who will guide me through. It was no time to panic I had to decide quickly which one of the Twins was I going to call on Faith or Fear. There were many lessons that Faith and I learned in that situation. Overall, it taught me the importance of my faith, my stewardship, my purpose, my prayer life, and my plan. From that moment up until today I refuse to get caught with my pants down ever again. Although life does have a way to challenge you in that area. So, I encourage you this weekend to look at areas in your life where you may have become too comfortable or fallen short in prioritization and ask God to help align you with your purpose. We all need a spot check along the way. God bless and Don't get caught with your pants down... #FLOWITME

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