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What do you bring to the table? Daily Inspiration

Take an assessment of the things you have in your life or want in your life and ask yourself "What do I bring to the Table or what does it( a person, place or thing) bring to my table? (SELAH) if you find yourself giving out more than you are getting in return then it's time to reassess your table. You could be investing into things that is not worth your investment or not investing into things that is. You could be feeding things that has a belly with a tape worm that's just eating off of you but never getting full or even having a desire to say that's enough. One of my favorite scriptures is "To whom MUCH is Given MUCH is REQUIRED" so if your expecting God to bless your dreams then you have to come to the table with a big investment of your time, your faith your money etc. because you can not get back what you do not put in.. It's February 1st a GREAT day to start over, launch into the deep and if need be EXCUSE some people, placed, & things from your table and WELCOME the right people, places and things to come and have a seat. It's GAME time and your BORN TO WIN.. #flowitme 2015

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