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Hope, Faith & Love -

The best way to cancel out the negative 3 (Doubt,Fear and Lust) is to keep the power 3 in the forefront of your mind and that is Hope, Faith and Love. Your dreams are waiting to be manifested but it can not grown on fearful soil. (SELAH) So make the DECISION to till the grounds of your mind of all negative thoughts. Till My Mind? Yes your mind Bc as you think so is your situation. Your mind is the battlefield and Laboratory for your life. So fill your mind with an arsenal of weapons that will EQUIPT you to WIN and not LOSE. To be above and not beneath. To have faith in place of fear, have Hope in place of Doubt, Love in place of Lust and your outcome will always land you on top.. So try it today because yesterday you said TOMORROW and there is no time like the PRESENT... #flowitme

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