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Meet the CEO


Flora Singh is the heartbeat and forerunner of Flowitme (pronounced Flow With ME). She is a woman of much wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. She has a heart that is mixed with passion & purpose and is very contagious when she is in your presence. Flora lives to empower and encourage individuals to live holistic lives that allow them to authentically embrace their true selves.


Flora has had the opportunity to host Global Empowerment sessions with various women networks and business seminars for fortune 500 companies around the world. Her motivational sessions have proven to increase morale within organizations while developing and empowering leaders around the world to believe that their dreams are just a glimpse of their divine reality that is waiting to be awakened.


Flora is a coach to coaches and a leader to leaders whose foundation is rooted in servitude. She has been equipped to relate to people on all levels and her strategic approach has enabled her to gain the title the "Eagle Eye Coach" because her gift is always spot on.   

Flora is a wife, a mother, and a grandmother who values the purpose of the family. Flora's heart desire is to be a light and source of hope for God's people all around the world regardless of their social or economic status.  One of her favorite quotes is "Where there is LIFE there is Hope" so if you are willing to believe then she is willing to stand with you to fight, encourage and believe your dreams with you. 

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