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Empowering Women & Young Adults Around the World 

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Our consultation sessions are packed with vital information as we discuss your current needs while also providing tips, information, and tools that can be implemented immediately. It is imperative that prior to your consultation that you complete our standard consultation assessment form. This will enable our team to best prepare for your session. Our consultation session is 45 minutes. 


 It is one thing to hear that you are living your best life and another thing to not only know it, but for your life & lifestyle to reflect it. Through these sessions you will gain & embrace your power while taking back the pen and authoring your story. Together we will scale back life’s definitions, stigmas, limitations, and false truths that has crippled you mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The priceless journey to revealing to yourself and the world the true definition of I AM ME (YOU)

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Life has dealt you many hands however, some hands come with trauma, pain, fear, anger, resentment, and hardening of the heart that is deeply rooted in unforgiveness. In this program, you will learn what forgiveness is versus what it is not. You will learn how to identify the misconceptions of both forgiveness and unforgiveness in order to overcome and gain back your power.  This program requires commitment, honesty, and work as we apply principles that will enable you to move from trauma-driven unforgiveness, to identifying the blockage, and most importantly learning and implementing steps that will enable you to live in a limitless flow of unrestricted blessings.


Our leadershift packages are second to none. We use foundational techniques to pull out, develop, challenge, and cultivate the leader in you. These packages are tailored exclusively for your current and future leadership needs and goals. Our core packages focus on areas such as Understanding Leadership 101, Defining your type of leadership, Techniques on how to lead during high, low, and uncommon times. This package is great for anyone in a leadership position, thinking of a leadership position, or even inquisitive about leadership from a personal, business, and spiritual/ministry perspective.

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Are you thinking about stepping into the marketplace and are unsure of when, what, where, or how to do it? Have you launched a business, project, product, ministry, or organization and is now thinking what is next? Well, if you,ve answered Yes or can relate to any of the questions above then this package is strategically designed for you. This customized program will meet you right at the point of your need. Targeting areas such as: writing the vision, defining the vision, funding the vision, marketing the vision, and more. One of our trained specialists will partner with you to broaden your perspective in the marketplace while assisting you with finding the pathway to multiple streams of income.

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Our BD packages focus on process improvement by streamlining your current workflow and/or idea into a more robust process that will enable you and your company/organization mitigate risk, decrease losses & redundancy, implement workflows and automations to improve the overall business framework.

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Customer service is the key to success however, in business, personal and spiritual settings it is sometimes given the least amount of attention and resources. This program is design to redevelop the core values of your frontline service and face of your personal, business, or spiritual organization. This program teaches the fundamentals of customer service, quality service, world class service and white glove priceless service. Through this program we partner with you to either change the trajectory of your current customer service style/model or help you establish an award-winning customer service module that make you a pillar in your industry.

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  1. Understanding the Immigration process can be exceedingly difficult, and we not only provide services to help you with completing your application process. We also provide document audits, DIY Checklist, pre & post-interview calibrations and in some countries, we can provide transportation to and from the interview location. Our goal is to partner with you to shed light and understanding throughout the application process. We also provide forums to discuss the life challenges that come along with this process that can be very emotional to deal with alone. However, our support groups have been a source of hope for many, and you are welcome to join our group free tree. Join Loving Abroad We are NOT LAWYERS, and we cannot GUARANTEE that you will be awarded a visa. Please note that the final decision is at the discretion of the immigration officer. Our job is to help set you up for success to the best Of OUR ABILITY                  

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  1. Nothing drives the quality of Work-Life Balance like a well-defined retreat. Our company has partnered with several fortune 100 companies and celebrities to create world-class customized retreats both domestically and internationally. Depending on your need we can create classic & confidential retreat courses that will captivate and engage your attendees.  Our services vary based on your needs our retreat specialists not only help organize retreats, but we also have an array of Retreat specialists that can facilitate workshops, seminars, webinars, and more for Personal, Business & Spiritual retreats.

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  1. Working with ministries and nonprofits is one of the main reasons why Flowitme LLC was created. We are very passionate about partnering with organizations to help bring their dream and vision to life. We assist ministries and organizations with foundational structure, funding, staff development, group coaching sessions based on biblical principles, and more.

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